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The ultimate coffee guide: how to choose your coffee

First fact: coffee is NOT all the same. Besides the beans variety, coffee varies according to climate, altitude, type of soil and roasting type… Confused? The type of bean There are two main varieties of coffee beans, each one used for different purposes according its features: Arabica – this type of coffee was first produced in Ethiopia and Yemen, but it's now spread across the world. It is also claimed to be the first type of coffee ever seeded and produced by humankind. Arabica coffee has a better overall quality and is the one that we most commonly drink. You...

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8 facts you didn’t know about Italian espresso

    If you are reading this, you are an Italian espresso lover. Either to help you relax, enjoy a nice chat with friends or keep you awake at work, you can’t live without it - but let's get down to business. Are you only a lover or an expert? We bet you did not know some of these: Espresso originally means fast and on time, and not pressurized Contrary to popular belief, the name "espresso" wasn’t chosen because of the pressure the coffee has to be subject to. Instead, it means the coffee is taken right at the time...

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